Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to you ALL . . .

I wish you all a very Merry & Magikal Christmas! Please be safe if you're traveling.
Enjoy your time with your family, friends and loved ones!

See you in a couple of days!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Decorating the Tree . . .

I was feeling better last night, more so than the night before. So we resumed decorating our tree. Of course Annie helped!
Part Deaux . . .

Sweet Annie loves to help out...

here she is - hanging an ornament. *Cheese*

*lol* Annie wanted to show off the lil' stocking ornament. See it! She thought it was cute!
My M-I-L made those as a namecard for one of her Tea Parties. She had them filled with mini candy canes, chocolates, a tea bag, and our names.

Where'd she go?

Haha- look where I found her...

Hiding in the decorations bin. Whatcha lookin' for Annie?

Some of our favorite ornaments. The names of all the Boxers that we have rescued. 2 have passed on... Baby and Jade. Rest in Peace sweethearts ... we'll see you again someday.
And Jester & Jasmine's ornaments! I made them all! Love them!

Whew- by the time we were all done - we were tuckered out and Annie went Night Night!

Then I realized that we don't have a full shot of our Christmas Tree. Oy - I had thought I took some? Hmmm - that's gonna be our next venture for sure! I'm sure Annie won't mind posing and giving ya'll a small tour of our decorated house!

Oh yeah - She did want me to mention that soon we will be baking sweet bread and cookies. Yummy! We're excited!

What have you been doing lately?


Saturday, December 5, 2009

We got our Tree . . .

As soon as hubby got home from work last night- we changed vehicles and headed over to the Christmas Tree Farm.
We brought out Starbucks Signature Hot Cocoa and he got an Old Fashioned Doughnut & I a Holiday Gingerbread Loaf slice. MmMmMmMm!
Here's Annie coming along for the ride...

Annie is so excited to be going to the Christmas Tree Farm. WE all love the scent of fresh Pine!

We found the perfect tree! Annie insisted that she have her picture taken IN the tree! She looked so cute- I happily obliged!

We brought it home! Here Annie fills the tree bowl with water! She's the Tree Keeper this year *lol* Like me, she's a tree hugger *winks*

Ta-Dah ... all ready to be decorated!
I wasn't feeling all too good (killer cramps) so we will decorate the tree tomorrow night. Hubby put the lights up to get it ready.
I'll take more pics tomorrow and share with ya'll.
For now stay warm!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with Family & Friends!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Another Raggedy Shout Out . . . (X-post)

One of my favorite Annie pattern creators is having a great deal . . . FREE shipping. WoOhoO!

Cindy of Homespun from the Heart also uploaded 3 new patterns to her website and some ready-to-take-home finished creations for the Christmas and Winter season! I just bought 2 e-patterns and they're so cute!

To qualify for her FREE shipping deal- you HAVE to be a subscriber on her mailing list! She will send you the code once you sign up and that's easy peasy!

Hint: She has sales and deals throughout the year and you
don't want to miss any of them!

The FREE shipping promo expires on 12/15/2009!

Just jump on over to her website - Homespun from the Heart and scroll down to the middle of the MAIN home page and sign up! :O) Simple as that! Then you'll receive updates!

She has doll-making supplies, e-patterns, paper patterns, needfuls, doll hair, even fabric- tea stained muslin and homespun too, and kits too. Lots of stuff handy - right there!!

Cindy also has a cute Prim Turkey pattern available to download for free on her blog. Now wouldn't that look so cute as a centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table or as a shelf sitter on your kitchen hutch or corner table?

So go sign up- get yourself on the mailing list so you can be updated on sales, deals and new pattern and product listings! You'll be glad you did! Tell her AwtemNymf sent ya and say "hi"!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just added 2 new prizes...

WoOhOo . . . I love the holidays!

Sweet Denni has donated a pattern as a prize "Sing Noel".

So Cute! Thank you sooo Denni. Sing Noel is a cutie!!

Then I added a Prize Pattern that I purchased from Denni as well...
Pattern Prize is called "Holiday Annies".

Is that not the cutest you've ever seen?!!! They just make me giggle. I have some reindeer antlers just like that! Hmmm wonder where they are? I'll have to look for them?!!

Folks the holidays will be here before you know it ... it's almost Thanksgiving! Yayyy!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blog Event: Christmas with Annie . . .

'Tis the season to be Jolly -
To include your Raggedy Ann dolly.
There's so much we can do -
fa la la - la la la - la la la
Grab your camera & bring it with you

Greetings Friends . . . the holidays are upon us! Thanksgiving & Christmas!! Yippy!
That means that there will be lots of gatherings with family and friends.
It's also a time when we'll all be busy - "the mad rush": planning, shopping, cooking, baking, sewing, crafting, even cleaning!

I'll be doing it too - Then I had an idea for the next Raggedy Event. *lightbulb moment*
It'll be perfect for reminding us to take a "Time-Out" for ourselves, slow down, enjoy the SIMPLE things and bring our Annies with us! She's a great secret keeper as far as "Secret Santa/Sisters" & gifts go! She can help you tape and hold the bow. And she's a great companion ~ with that smile - she'll keep you in good spirits!

Soooo- here's what I'd like to do - and I hope YOU'LL join me! Everyone is welcome!

~ Things to Do . . . ~

* Making a trip to the Mall, Department Store, or Gift Shop.
* Picking up a Family or Friend at the Airport, Train Depot, or House?
* Shopping for baked goods to make - cookies, pie, candy, fudge Oh My!
* BAKING homemade goodies.
* Shopping for gifts - Secret Santa/Sister, Family & Friends.
* Picking out a Christmas Tree at the lot.
* Hanging the lights outside.
* Decorating the Halls, Office, even your Car.
* Wrapping Gifts.
* Attending a Church/School/City Play and/or Event.
* Stuffing the Stockings.
* Building a Snowman.
* Dashing thru the Snow.
* Donating to a Cause.
* Making Crafts and Gifts.
* Driving around and checking out the neighborhood Lights & Decorations.
* Snapping a Family Photo (pets too) or Sitting on Santas Lap.
* Sipping some Hot Cocoa, Cuppa Joe or Tea?
* Got a Family Tradition ... include Annie :O)

If you're doing any or ALL of these things - bring along your Annie and/or Andy, snap some photos and post it on your blog.

I'd love to see You & Annie wearing aprons in the kitchen, maybe with flour or sugar on your nose. Got a recipe to share - feel free! I love recipes! I'll be wearing mine!
Anything that you normally do for the holiday- I'd love to hear about it! Even if it's a new thing- please share and tell!

I know November and December months are busy. So I would like this event to last up to and through all of November & December. There's no set date for this - as people go on vacation, out of town, or have company, and just plain busy- I want to keep the event flexible.

Just get your Season on and Share it with us!

Here's the code: Remove the **

<**a href="" target="_blank"**><**img src=""**><**/a>

Please post on your blogs, side bar, websites, FB, Twitter! Tell your Friends!

Have trouble or need help? - Leave a message or email me - I'll be glad to help!

Please leave a comment with your blog post LINK. I'll have a blog roll of all participants and the direct links to their blog posts and pictures. Maybe they'll have a recipe or traditions to share. Maybe ya'll will start a new tradition. Whatever the post- let's have fun. You CAN have more than one post! The more the merrier - I'll have you linked up!
Bring your Annie or Andy or both along and let the Holiday Merry-Making & Sharing begin!

Last, but not least - I will have Give Aways! Yayyy! Prizes include Christmas/Winter Patterns and a custom dolly! Maybe more?!

Prizes will be given for the following: I will ship international

~ Pattern # 1 : "Blog Button" Winner
Post the graphic/button on your Blogs side bar with a link back to this event so others can join. Please keep the button/graphic up for the duration of this event. I'll be checking & checking it twice :O)

~ Pattern # 2 & 3 : "Random Holiday Hopper Participant."
You must have an active blog post about your "Christmas with Annie" moment. Please have pictures, if available, posted too. We'd love to see. I know I will!
Being on the "Holiday Hoppers" blog-roll alone- doesn't count - you must have some kind of active content and I need to have you linked. Check the list of "Things to Do" (above) for ideas. If something isn't listed- feel free to give me a shout.

~ Pattern # 4 : "Lucky Draw"
Just Because :O) !

~ Custom Doll : "Follower"
You must have an active blog with some content (posts and more than one). It doesn't count if you have a blog with nothing there? Hmmm!

I must have some way of contacting should you be selected as the Winner. Please have an email visible on your blog, or in your comment. If you ARE the winner - I will contact you and request your snail mail addy (which will be kept private). :O)

Remember- this "Christmas with Annie" Blog Event is all thru November and December! So Post & Share when you can!
Just send me the link(s). I'll get you added!

The prizes will be mailed out a the end of December.
Winter lasts until March 21st (Dec. 21st - Mar. 21st).
So the patterns aren't just for Christmas ya know *winks*

Let's Have fun!
Happy Holidays!

Toodles ... ~~A~~

Credits: Thank you shweet Carm for making this custom Annie graphic for me to share! Luv Ya!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

7 Free Dolls of Christmas Give Away Shout Out ...

Julie is having a Give Away for 1 Annie for the next 7 weeks until Christmas. Starting now- and every Weds. she will draw a winner and it continues for SEVEN whole weeks!

Yippy Skippy!

Now if that doesn't get you into the Holiday spirit of giving and in the mood for the up-coming holidays- I don't know what will! WoOhOo!

How sweet of Julie of My Raggedy Dolls to do this! Woohoo!

7 chances to win. Go to her main website and read up on the details!

Thanks Julie! And Good Luck Yawl!

Toodles ...

Raggedy Annie Give Away Shout Out . . .

Sylvia Gonzales of The GingerBread Corner is having a Raggedy Annie Give-Away - Ice Skating Annie.

Go to her website and use the "Contact Me" button from there to enter!

Note- you may have to use the IE web browser (I tried it in FF and it wouldn't let me enter any text).

Winner will be chosen on November 11th.

Good Luck!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Coming Soon . . .

I'm in the brain-storming phases of the next Raggedy Ann Blog event . . .

I will tell you this much . . .

It will involve our precious Raggedy Ann & Andy Dolls and the Christmas holiday season.

I will also have pattern Give Aways and a couple of custom doll give aways! Prizes are provided by me- the Raggedy Ann lover :O)

I will have a Blog Button made by fab Carm of Shweet Potatoes soon. I will update when I have that, which should be any day now!

Keep your eyes peeled o this Blog as I will post the details on the next Raggedy Blog Event! It's gonna be a lotta fun! I hope you'll join me!

Toodles . . .

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bumps in the Night Annie REVEAL . . .

Yayyyy!!! Finally! My Halloween Raggedy Ann reveal post... Just got word from my swap partner that she got hers and I NOW get to reveal my Annie I made for Becky

Remember the "teaser" ...

Here she is - in her full cuteness . . .

A Candy Corn Princess! Her dress was in candy corn fabric colors (orange/yellow/creme/white). She has a sparkly pale yellow and clearish white tu-tu that foofs up pretty good. It was GLITTERED of course! I used vintage tinsel for her collar. RickRack for her sleeves. You can't see- but she had mini pom-pom for "socks". She had orange leggings and black shoes. She has a Candy Corn wand that has clear iridescent glitter (you know me all too well folks). Candy Corn colored hair decked with a cute orange satin ribbon and a sparkly rhinestone in the middle of the bow!

She was a lot of fun to make! I almost had a hard time parting with her.

Ever have that happen to you? I know Viv does- she even suggests making doubles (even triples) sometimes. Hahah! I know how it goes! And sometimes I do make doubles and triples!

I sent some candy corn flavored DOTS candy with the doll and something else (can't rem. now tho)

We all used the same pattern: Provided to us by sweet Brenda of Lillie May's Crafts. We used her Sunny Days pattern and we got to dress her up in any Halloween fashion we wanted! Thank you so much Brenda for giving us permission to use your sweet pattern. I enjoyed working with it!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bumps in the Night Annie Swap... TEASER

This is a "Teaser" of an Annie I made for my dear friends Aunt Pitty Pats "Bumps in the Night" Annie swap

This is just a "teaser". mwahahahaha :O)

I will do the full reveal and what type of Annie it is when I have confirmation that my swap partner Becky J has it at home!

Right now- It's en route! Woohoo!

Have a great week!

Stay tuned for details on my next Blog Event that includes Annie & the holidays!! To Be Announced Soon! :O)



Congratulations Pam for winning the Glinda the Good Witch Raggedy Ann Pattern Give Away!

I'm emailing the winner now!


Thanks Sherry, Angie and Pam for playing along. I will be posting about another event soon! Stay Tuned!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Shout Out ... Cindy is having a couple of Give Aways!

Cindy of Homespun from the Heart, whose one of my fave Raggedy Annie pattern designers is having a couple of give aways on her blog!

First GiveAway is a cute light blue wool felt CupCake pincushion AND a storage jar of notions AND a pattern of your choice (e-pattern or printed). You'll want these if you love making Annies! I know I do! That is a great deal of a giveaway! This Give Away ends Oct. 27th

The next GiveAway is a copy of the latest Fall "Create and Decorate" magazine that has her Annie pattern in it!

This Give Away ends Oct. 28th!
I already have this magazine, but I wanted to give a Shout Out in case people over seas don't get this magazine and want a copy or if someone missed out and wants a copy! Here's your chance!

Good Luck! :O)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Glinda Pattern Give-Away . . .

Remember Glinda from the Wizard of Oz ....

She asks - "Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?" ...

Well- here's a CUTE witch ....

Glinda the "Good Witch" RAGGEDY Annie pattern by Cindy M of Homespun from the Heart.

I loved that it was 2 in 1! PINK and a Good Witch - Halloween! Woohoo!

I have bought this pattern for ONE lucky winner!

To Win: Here's what you need to do ...

1) You must have a blog!
If you don't have one - feel free to start one. It's easy. Blogs don't have to be fancy- just please have some content and be active! Blogging is fun and it's a great tool for networking. Great exposure if your an artist (any kind) and wish to sell or show off your projects.
It's also great for recipe hunting, home decorating ideas, tips and tricks, tutorials, swapping, or just writing what/how you feel on any given day! You can post about anything (legal of course). You can even rant! Not every post has to be peachy-keen *lol* Just be real! Be YOU!

2)Please post and link to this Give Away on your
blog AND leave the link in the comments section on this post! Then you'll be added in the Give Away drawing!

The Give Away ends on Sunday Oct. 25th so I can hopefully get the pattern prize out to the winner by Halloween!

I will contact the winner by email AND leave a comment on their recent blog post Congratulating them! This works well for me :O)

I will ship international!

That's it!
Simple as that!
Good Luck!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pink Ribbon Raggedies Pattern WINNER ...

Ding Ding Ding...
Winner... Winner...
Chicken Dinner ....

CONGRATULATIONS to Jen W. of Purty Girl Primitives for being selected as the winner for the Pink Ribbon Raggedies pattern made by Cindy M.

I'm contacting you now and leaving a comment on your recent blog post letting you know you've WON!!!
Congratulations!!! :O)

My next Raggedy Pattern Give Away will be posted tomorrow! Stay Tuned!


Angie's having a HOPE Give Away...

Angie of Angies Raggedy Patch is having a beautiful doll Give Away: HOPE!

Credit: Shweet Cindy Angel graphic made by Carm


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yikes - I'm so sorry... I'll picking a winner soon!

This past week has really flew passed me! I can't believe it!
I'm so sorry about being late for the Pink Raggedies Pattern Give-Away!
I haven't forgotten. Just had a lot on my mind. Had to get ready to fly out to South Dakota and attend a court session.

But I'm back home and catching up - BIG time! So hang in there with me a wee bit longer and I will post the winner of the Pattern Give-Away o'tay?! O'Tay!

Be back soon.... I'm visiting Vanessa's Halloween Blog Party.

I attended last year and had a blast. So I'm bopping (blog hopping) along and will come back and close this contest and announce the winner!

Bear with me and Thanks! It's good to be home! :O)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Last Chance for the HOPE earrings . . .

Last Day to get your name in the drawing for the "HOPE" earring give-away! There's a limited edition PINK sharpie permanent marker too. I will ship internationally :)

Winner will be drawn on October 11th!

Good Luck! & Have a Great weekend!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Give Away . . .

Happy Monday ... Nope- it's not another Manic Monday ... but I may gone manic for a bit here! Hubby worked over time yesterday and I've got my days mixed up a little! Has that happened to you? So today feels like a Sunday to me! (He works Weds. - Sat. ~ 40 hours)

It's time for another Give Away!

This time it's for a Raggedy Annie Pattern, just like I promised! Have you waited long enough? awwww- were ya'll gettin' impatient? *winks*
Don't we all love that red headed cutie Raggedy Ann!
The Give Away prize is for Cindy's PINK Ribbon Raggedies.

Note- I respect copyright so I won't be direct linking to the image! Instead- I will give you a direct url link so you can fly on over there and peek at Cindy's pattern!
Direct Linking (without permission) is a no-no. Especially when someone pays for their own website/domain! A lot of people don't realize this, but it's true!
Hmmm- maybe I detect a lesson in Copyright and Respect in the future! *makes note to self and Post-It to my forehead*

I thought it would be cool to run this Give Away along with my other Give Away: Pink Ribbon "HOPE" Earrings!

To be entered in this Pink Ribbon Raggedies Pattern Give-Away all I ask is that you . . .

1) Post about the Give Away on your blog! I don't have a fancy button this time! Shucks!

2) Comment here with your blog post link about the "Shout Out".

That's it! Simple? It is! :O)

This Give Away ends on October 12th! So that is ONE week from today!

Note: I will be out of state from Oct. 14-17. So if I haven't been contacted by the winner of this Give Away- I will resume contact when I get back! I just wanted that to be known that I will do my best to communicate with the winner of this Give Away before I leave. Either way- I will get the snail addy and mail out the Prize pattern to the winner! O'Tay?! O'tay!

Good Luck, Have Fun! And Don't forget to wear Pink!

Hmmm *ponders* Wonder what's next?!

pssst- Prim & Whimsy is having a Halloween Give-Away. Go check it out! The Give Away run from October 4-10. There's still time! Grab your brooms, mops, wings and FLY friends. . . Fly!


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Give Away Here and There ...

Hint Hint . . .

I've got a couple of Give Aways going on - check them out ...

Hope you join in!

I'll be posting a Give Away here on this blog tomorrow! WoOhOo!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happenings for this Month: October

The month of October is HUGE for me!
I love everything about it!
Black n Orange, Pumpkins, Haunted Houses, Halloween decorations, Candy, costumes ...
There's Breast Cancer Awareness, my Birthday: October 29th WoOhOo) and then - my favorite!! Plus there's Autumn- which has finally settled in my hometown (remember I live next door to Death Valley, CA.). It's nice to get back into my comfy sweats and jeans and sweaters. This time of year I also get back into another favorite past time of mine- BAKING!

To start off - I will be posting in PINK all month long in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness!

I've been an active participant in the Pink for October event- the last 2 years and love it! I'm doing it again this year! I hope you'll join me. Now I can't won't be doing my usual background in PINK without messing up the cute Blog deco for this month- I have decided I will post in PINK instead! Sometimes you've gotta compromise! So Pink posts it is!

Hear Ye . . . Hear Ye . . . GIVE AWAYS . . .
(you knew that was coming didn't you *snickers*).

I will be having several Give-Aways on this blog - (because I feel like it and it's my Birthday month) See- I told ya October is HUGE for me :O) So you'll have to check in regularly.

If you're not a follower- now is a good time to do so.

I won't tell you exactly when each Give-Away will be posted, but I will make a separate post for each Give-Away. They'll be random!
The Give-Aways will
NOT be on this post!
A link will be provided on the side bar when I make a post about a Give-Away! They won't be all at once either! So you'll have to check in! Makes it funner don'tcha think?! Stay Tuned for the Give-Away posts.

On with the Prizes . . .

In honor Breast Cancer Awareness - I will be giving away your very own Pink Ribbon Raggedies pattern. Created by sweet Cindy M. of Homespun from the Heart. I bought 2 patterns. One for me and I have permission (and purchased) one to GiveAway! This is for a great cause AND Cindy will donate funds from her sales on this pattern! It's a Win/Win! WoOhOo!

Next- I will be giving away a Glinda the Good Witch pattern. Also created by Cindy M. of Homespun from the Heart.
I thought this was perfect! It's PINK, a witchy poo for Halloween and a Raggedy! I was sold! Caute pattern too!
Besides -this is how I came up with this months theme "Raggedy Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun"! Glinda inspired the title!

I will be making a "Pink for October" inspired Raggedy Ann doll.

I will also be having a couple of give aways on my Opal Moon Enchantments blog.

See- October is full of mystery too! Some tricks and some treats - ya just never know! Mwahahaha!

Hugs & Blessings!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Give Away Shout Out . . .

Raggedy Friends- Sweet Cindy of Thimbleprim Studios is having a Christmas Raggedy doll Give-Away: Miss Cranberrie. And she's so sweet and gorgeous! Go check her out! She's so sweet!

Cindy is also hosting 2 swaps. 1 is for a Christmas Ornament swap. the other 1 is a Frog Doll swap. How Enchanting is that?! But you gotta hurry - sign ups close soon so she can pair up partners and so you can start on your projects! You've got a bit over a month to do both! Swing by and give Cindy some Bloggin' Luv! Tell her AwtemNymf sent ya!

PS- October is almost here!! WoOhOo!

Hugs & Blessings!

Friday, September 25, 2009

October is almost here .... WoOhOo !

October is almost here . . .

My Favorite month!!!

And I've got some ideas brewing for a Raggedy Ann Blog Party . . . because the party continues!

Details Coming Soon . . . Stay Tuned!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Give- Away Winners . . .

Today is the day to reveal the Give Away Winners .....

But first I want to say "Thank You" big bunches for celebrating with me and Raggedy friends. I had a lot of fun putting this event together! So worth it!
I also enjoyed visiting each and every one of your Blogs. (I think I got everyone)
I hope to host this event again next year as long as there's interest! I know I had a blast! Cuppycakes were perfect!

This Annie is excited because she knows WHO won! And she's full of giggles because she can't stand the excitement any longer....

It must be contagious - because I have the case of the giggles too!

So without further ado .... here's the list of Winners ...
Congratulations !!!
I will be contacting the Winners! :O) I'll be leaving a comment on Winners' Blog. I will also see if I can locate emails! If I have trouble locating anyone- I will make note of it and post it here!
EDIT: everyone has been contacted via email ! THANK YOU!
Edit 2: * = Shipment is ready!
Edit 3: Yay - All Winners are accounted for!
I will ship out prizes on Saturday Sept. 19th! WoOhOo!
Edit 4: All packages/envelopes have been sent with Confirmation Delivery which can be provided upon request! :O)
Edit 5: ** = Rcv'd Prize

"Followers" Winner: 1 yard of Raggedy Annie print fabric
*** Diane Lavender Dreams

"Lucky 7" Winners:
* Dawn won Belindy Pattern by: My Raggedy Dolls
*** Denni won Buddies Pattern #1193 by: The Cats Pyjamas
* Cheryl won Spring Thyme Annie Pattern by: Prindle Mountain
*** Irma won The Birthday Girl Pattern by: Homespun Hugs & Calico Kisses
*** Lisa won Simply Ann Pattern by: Homespun from the Heart
*** Sherry won Big Sis Pattern by: Cat & the Fiddle
*** Nancy won Shweet Potato Flying Fairies Pattern by: Always Crafty 2

Special "Blog Button" Winner: Angel Annies Light the Way Pattern by: SnuggleBug Prim Blessins
* Sue

"Xtra" Prize Winner: Birthday Girl Pattern by Raggedy Old Annies.
*** Mary

* Custom "Birthday Annie" doll made by Me Winner:
* Sandy M

Sandy - This Annie will be on her way to you! I hope you like her!

And a close up . . .

I am now going to contact the Winners so I can get your mailing addresses and send your stuff out to you! I'm making a Post Office run this Saturday Sept. 19th!
I hope you like what you've won! I had a lot of fun rounding up the prizes!
A huge Thank you to the Raggedy Annie pattern creators for granting me permission to purchase your patterns and pass them on to some Lucky Winners! Y'all Rawk!

Also a huge Thank You to Carm for the awesome and shweet custom Raggedy Ann graphic for the Blog Party! Love ya Gurl!

Thanks again for celebrating with me! I hope you'll join me next time.
Before I go- Sandi had a great suggestion - to leave this blog up all year round. I had already planned on that. :O) Us Raggedy gals gotta stick together!
Sandi also suggested (with the help of some whispering 14 mini Annies she was working on at the time) that maybe we can have themed parties like Halloween and Holidays. She's right- what Annie doesn't like to get dolled up in their sweetest dresses or outfits? Good point!!
I had so much fun with this.... and I LOVE Halloween (I think Sandi knew that as well) so I just may have to host a Halloween Blog party. Thanks Sandi for the suggestion! Hmmmm .. *thinks...ponders*

Credits: ~ Graphic made by Carm of Shweet Potato


2009 Party Hoppers . . .

I hope no one minds that I keep names of my 2009 Party Hoppers?? I had a lot of fun and us Raggedy Gals gotta stick together!
I'd like to visit and invite y'all again when the next event happens.

If you wish to be removed - let me know and I'll take care of it!

~ Carm ~ Susan
~ Viv ~ Angie
~ Dawn ~ Jacqueline
~ Irma ~ MaryJo
~ Courtney ~ Carla
~ Lisa ~ Diane
~ Sandi ~ Sandi
~ Ancient One ~ Julie
~ Cheryl ~ Dawn
~ Melissa ~ Grace
~ Missy ~ Deb
~ Sandra ~ Denni
~ Nancy ~ Aunt Pitty Pat
~ Sandy ~ Harley
~ Cathy Jean ~ Cindy
~ Sandy ~ Diana
~ Cyndi ~ JaJa
~ Melody ~ Naomi
~ Julie ~ Tammy
~ Jennifer ~
~ ~
~ ~
~ ~

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday To Y-O-U . . .

It's your Birthday Annie!!! Happy Birthday!

Thanks for celebrating "America's Sweetheart" Raggedy Annie's Birthday with me folks!

I've got cuppycakes for y'all!

Special Surprise: Shweet Carm who made my graphic for me- is also giving a FREE Raggedy Ann graphic on her blog! Save/Upload to your computer! Thank you so much Carm! A link to her blog is on the Party-Goers list on the right of my blog! :O)

I have loved this red-headed cutie since I laid my eyes on my Gramma L's Raggedy Annie. I don't what kind it was, but I know it was a vintage one. She wouldn't let me play with that one, but she had another one that I was allowed to play with. We had lots of tea parties, pretend school days where I was the teacher and Annie was the student, lots of walks in the park with my Gramma L. Gramma had one of those vintage baby strollers that looked a lot like this one ...
that she let me push around. Annie went on a stroll with us! I have fond memories of Gramma L. I Thank her for introducing me to Raggedy Annie :O)

Here's my collection of Raggedy Annies ... Click on the pic to zoom out

So sorry it's not the best, but it's kinda hard to take a digital photo when you have the light source in front of you and the blinds are horitzontal. It kept making the background look all fuzzy. I kept having to retake pictures, but this was the best out of the bunch!

In the Back Row at the ends- I have the big Raggedy Ann and Andy!
Then from the left-
* Annie in a green Christmas sweater w/ snowman - was gifted to me by my husband. He found it in a gift shop.

* Annie in her classic blue print dress and white apron. Also a gift from my hubby.

* Andy with a stain on his right side of the face- I found that at a yard sale. They were gonna throw it out and I didn't have the heart to pass it up. He was pleading to be rescued so I did! The tag is gone so I can't for sure say what brand he was.

* Annie with the missing hair in the front (kinda a bald spot) is an "Applause" style Annie. I bought her off of eBay when I was first scouting for Raggedy Ann collectibles.

* Annie & Andie set in burgundy outfits - I bought these from a woman who was going to give them away. They're custom made. They have matching burgundy outfits! Low key Prim. Cute!

* Annie in her Christmas outfit and white apron. She came with a small plastic ornament, which I can't for the life of me find. Hmmmm!

* Custom made Andy. I don't remember where I found this one. He has orange hair. A cutie! The girls like him *winks*

* Prim Annie with no shoes or stockings - Folks - don't laugh, but this is the first Annie I made years ago. It was a pattern by Ragg Bagg Babies. I made this one in 2001 Wow!

* Annie in pink. She is wearing pajamas and fluffy slippers. She has a small oatmeal teddy bear attached to her hand. This was a gift from my daughter! I have 2 *lol*

Front Row . . . from left to right

* Tiny Annie came with the Christmas Annie. Now that I am remembering all of these- it also came with an ornament, that I mentioned above - that I can't find, and I think it came with a story book too. Hmmm- I will have to look for this this year!

* My adorable pinkeep that I won at Cyndi's give away!

* My Breanna also made by Cyndi's blog give-away! I just love this to pieces!!

* Annie made by Nadine. We were partners in Aunt Pitty Pats Sugar & Spice Round 1 swap. She has a sweet faerie fabric outfit with matching bag.

* Annie made by Carla. We were partners for APP's Sugar & Spice Round 2 swap.

* Annie made by Tammy. Can't remember or find the blog link :O( Sowwry Tammy!

Well - there's my collection of dolls.
I have made more dolls than I have in my collection. There's something about seeing each dolls personality emerge. No two are alike! No matter what pattern you use or how many of the same doll base you use - they're like snowflakes! Each is one of a kind!
I love collecting Raggedy Annie patterns. I love sewing Raggedy Annies!

Ok- I'm off to visit the party-goers! See their collections and/or stories! Thanks again for celebrating with me.

I will pick winners in each drawing in one week! Good Luck and Have fun!

Also- not to steal the spotlight- but I think this birthday girl also deserves the recognition of celebrating a Birthday today: Bai Yun. Happy Birthday Bai Yun! You're a great Mom!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's almost time ...

Wow- 42 followers! Thanks y'all!

It's almost time to party and have fun! And remember to show and tell with us in BlogLand!

I'm working behind the scenes - taking pictures, prepping for the party and I must say - it's a lot of work, this is my 1st time, but it's also a lot of Fun! I'm excited!

Are you ready? :O)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wow- 30 Followers. . .

Wow! 30!
Y'all so rock!
Thank you so much for following this blog and planning to come to the Blog Party to celebrate with me! I got cupcake mix & frosting today and plan on making cuppycakes for Raggedy Ann's Birthday bash! Cherry Chip cuppycakes & Vanilla frosting! MmMmMmMm!

Things are falling into place nicely. I've got most of the patterns in my possessions and just waiting for a couple more! Then I should be all ready to Hop n Roll!

Are you excited? WoOhOo!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Checking In ...

It's a little more than half past August and I'm getting excited for this up-coming September 7th Birthday Bash! Woohoo!!

Thanks to all that have Followed, visited, and posted on your blogs.

I'm getting ready to post the finished Annie soon! Just gotta finish up the final details. Been having a rough patch lately, but I'm working on getting out of this funk!

Thanks for hanging out with me! C-ya soon!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Yay- Mission Accomplished...

Greetings Folks-
I have been planning, brain-storming, organizing and sewing for this event... I'm really excited about this!

Thanks to you all who've joined me so far! I'm happy to have you!

News Update:

I'm thrilled to announce that I have purchased 7 patterns for 7 Lucky Winners. That's right- My mission was to purchase 7 patterns as prizes for the "Lucky 7" Drawing as well as requesting permission to provide those as winning patterns for prizes. And I met my goal today! Yippy! A huge Thank You to the pattern creators for granting me my wish - to provide awesome prizes for You! You Rock! The Artists are linked on the side bar under - yes- you guessed it "Lucky 7".

Now that I have the "Lucky 7" taken care of. I can now focus on making a custom Raggedy Ann "Birthday" doll for ONE winner. Here's the Catch - you need to post the Blog Party event button on your blog or website. It needs to be visible by Sept. 7th! I'll be checking and checking it twice :) ! If time permits - I might make 2. Who knows! *crosses fingers*
Winner will be drawn on Sept. 14th.

Here's another chance to win a prize:
One Yard of Raggedy Ann & Andy Back to School Mini Patch fabric

Become a FOLLOWER on this blog and your name will be put in the drawing instantly! Winner will be chosen on Sept. 14th!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blog Party 2009 Prizes

I'm cleaning up the Raggedy Blog a bit so I can update and keep up with the times! Out with the Old and in the with New! The Party continues . . .

Here's the Prizes for the 2009 Blog Party:

"The Lucky 7" Drawing:

* Belindy Pattern by: My Raggedy Dolls

* Buddies Pattern #1193 by: The Cats Pyjamas

* Spring Thyme Annie Pattern by: Prindle Mountain

* The Birthday Girl Pattern by: Homespun Hugs & Calico Kisses

* Simply Ann Pattern by: Homespun from the Heart

* Big Sis Pattern by: Cat & the Fiddle

Granted permission to E-print and give to winner - Thanks Gini

* Shweet Potato Flying Fairies Pattern by: Always Crafty 2

Thanks Sandi :O)

SPECIAL Prize for posting the Blog Party button on your Blog:

* Angel Annies Light the Way Pattern by: SnuggleBug Prim Blessins

Xtra Prize Birthday Girl Pattern by Raggedy Old Annies.

Follower Prize: 1 yard Schlool Print Fabric
Prize: 1 Yd.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ya'll are Invited...

Welcome to my first event ... Birthday Blog Party. !

A Raggedy Ann Birthday Blog Party!

Who: You're Invited!
What: Raggedy Ann's Birthday Blog Party
When: Monday September 7th, 2009

Since I love this red-headed cutie pie and she's America's Sweetheart- I thought it'd be nice to honor her Birthday on Sept. 7th.

I'd love for all collectors, makers and lovers of Raggedy Ann from all over the world to come and celebrate with me! Yep ... including Y-O-U!

If you're a collector, maker and/or lover - please snap some pics and share your collection on your blog (if you have one) with me and the world. On September 7th - I will blog hop and see everyone's collections, dolls, and stories! So be sure to make a special post on September 7th for this event!

I'll be show-and-telling my collection of dolls too. Some that I've made, bought and some that were given to me as gifts. It can be one, two, or a whole bunch. It can be post cards, fabric, dolls, figurines, any kind of memorabilia.
I'd love to see! If you have a story to tell... I'd love to hear about it!
Let's share the Raggedy love *lol*

I also have some Birthday FUN planned! I will be having Raggedy Ann Prizes for 7 lucky winners! Yep - SEVEN! Prizes include Raggedy Annie patterns from great artists, a custom doll made by me and 1 yard of Raggedy Annie fabric. WooHoo! To be entered in the drawing you'll need to come by on September 7th and leave a comment in that post (on Sept. 7th). So reserve the date! :O) I will ship internationally as well!
The drawing will take place on Monday September 14th, one week from the party. So that everyone has a chance to party, blop (blog hop) and play along. More details about this when the date draws near ... so stay tuned for that!

Please grab this button and spread the word! The more the merrier!

Be sure to link back to the: Blog Party so folks can come and celebrate!

Edit: Here's the code to put on your blog- be sure to remove the "**" and there should be no spaces in the brackets. Please contact me if you have any trouble or leave a comment and I'll run to the rescue :O) ! Copy & Paste and then remove the "**". It should work!

<**a href="" target="_blank"**><**img src=""/**>

A huge Thank You to Carm of Shweet Potato Designs for making this custom button for me. I love it!

Also- be sure to Follow this blog so you can be informed of any updates!

C-ya !