Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Give Away . . .

Happy Monday ... Nope- it's not another Manic Monday ... but I may gone manic for a bit here! Hubby worked over time yesterday and I've got my days mixed up a little! Has that happened to you? So today feels like a Sunday to me! (He works Weds. - Sat. ~ 40 hours)

It's time for another Give Away!

This time it's for a Raggedy Annie Pattern, just like I promised! Have you waited long enough? awwww- were ya'll gettin' impatient? *winks*
Don't we all love that red headed cutie Raggedy Ann!
The Give Away prize is for Cindy's PINK Ribbon Raggedies.

Note- I respect copyright so I won't be direct linking to the image! Instead- I will give you a direct url link so you can fly on over there and peek at Cindy's pattern!
Direct Linking (without permission) is a no-no. Especially when someone pays for their own website/domain! A lot of people don't realize this, but it's true!
Hmmm- maybe I detect a lesson in Copyright and Respect in the future! *makes note to self and Post-It to my forehead*

I thought it would be cool to run this Give Away along with my other Give Away: Pink Ribbon "HOPE" Earrings!

To be entered in this Pink Ribbon Raggedies Pattern Give-Away all I ask is that you . . .

1) Post about the Give Away on your blog! I don't have a fancy button this time! Shucks!

2) Comment here with your blog post link about the "Shout Out".

That's it! Simple? It is! :O)

This Give Away ends on October 12th! So that is ONE week from today!

Note: I will be out of state from Oct. 14-17. So if I haven't been contacted by the winner of this Give Away- I will resume contact when I get back! I just wanted that to be known that I will do my best to communicate with the winner of this Give Away before I leave. Either way- I will get the snail addy and mail out the Prize pattern to the winner! O'Tay?! O'tay!

Good Luck, Have Fun! And Don't forget to wear Pink!

Hmmm *ponders* Wonder what's next?!

pssst- Prim & Whimsy is having a Halloween Give-Away. Go check it out! The Give Away run from October 4-10. There's still time! Grab your brooms, mops, wings and FLY friends. . . Fly!



  1. What a fun giveaway. I wanna join. I will post this on my blog for sure tomorrow. I have to sand some mud down in the kitchen-lol.


  2. Yes, this is a fun giveaway as well and I will post it to my blog ...some pinkkkkkkkk!!!!! So since I do like pink and I do have pink fabs, I will blog now and add Pink tomorrow.... That is okay about not having a button. Your hope earrings are on the side of the blog, so I guess it is covered...LOL!

  3. Oh Count me in and I'm off to post it on my blog.

  4. OH my I must join in on this swap.. I would love to have these little girl :) I will run over and post it up on my blog :)

  5. Please enter me! I will post about this in just a sec at my blog and I hope that you will come and enter to win MY blog give away, a Breasr Cancer Awareness doll named HOPE!


  6. Please count me in! I posted it on my blog!