Friday, July 30, 2010

Updates . . . and Give Away time . . .

Greetings Raggedy Friends -
Yipes ... it's been a l-o-n-g time since I've blogged over here. Lots has happened over the last several months - some personal and some health . . . BUT I've survived, moved on, and have since settled in my new dwellings.
Most importantly ~ I've claimed "ME" back and am using my real identity instead of an online alias.
I'm still known as "Awny" but that will be my "everyday" Halloween alter ego. I'm definately keeping that. A girls gotta stay true to herself right? *winks*

Ha! But I wanted to have a blog that reflects ME - no more hiding or staying "underground". Nope!

Everyday things, crafts, Life, and such will be blogged at my personal blog : "S.E.W. Me ... So What" here.

Big News -

I'm also moving my Raggedy Blog Party (this one) to a new home.
For 1) - it will be easier to manage 2 blogs with my "home" email, and 2) it's no longer 2009 *lol* and I'm glad that a lot of people had fun with the Blog parties and events - I'd like to keep the fun going as long as there's interest!

Yes there will still be Pattern Give Aways and fun to be had at the NEW home!

You still with me . . . Please update your bookmarks, links and Follow me over here @
R.A.G.S ~ Raggedy Ann Girls Society.

I'll be having a NEW Give Away posted at the New Home "R.A.G.S." blog soon. So go check out the new digs, FOLLOW me over there, and let me know what you think?

Is there something you'd like to see? A certain kind of Blog party? A doll give away?
Comments and Suggestions welcome!

Hope to see you there! I'm missing my Raggedy Gals! ~S~