Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winners have been contacted . . .

Congratulations again to the Winners of the Christmas with Annie blog event!
I have just finished contacting the winners and am waiting on the reply of several of you!

* Cathy - SENT 01-23-2010
Delivery Conf. #: 0309 3220 0001 1368 8516
* Aunt Pitty Pat - SENT 01-23-2010.
Delivery Conf. #: 0309 3220 0001 1368 8493
* Carla - Contacted Sponsor :)
* Courtney - Contacted Sponsor :)
* Mistea - SENT 01-23-2010
* Lisa - SENT 01-23-2010
* Martha - WIP.

I plan on mailing things out on Saturday Jan. 23rd (payday is Friday and Sat should be dry *fingers crossed*)

Thanks for playing along! I'll post about the Next event: A Raggedy Valentine! Still working on things!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas with Annie W-I-N-N-E-R-S ...

Hi Everybody How's your 2010 treating you? Well I hope L(!
I finally got a minute to SIT down and breathe AND pick some winners!

All winners have been drawn - I wrote everyone's name on a piece of paper and put them in a bowl then drew names! With the exception of the "Followers" which I used the number generator! Also exempt from the "name on a paper" draw was the Best Post and Cutest Christmas Annie. Hubby helped me pick these! Thanks hun!

Thanks so much for participating and having fun! All posts were adorable and I enjoyed reading them ALL!


*drummmmmm . . .

"Blog Button Winner" Miss December # 149
Winner is: Cathy of Snugglebug Prims

"Random Holiday Hopper Participant"Kris Kringle # 134
Winner is: Aunt Pitty Pat of Aunt Pitty Pats

"Random Holiday Hopper Participant" Pattern by Cindy of Homespun from the Heart
Winner is: Carla of Dancing Moon

"Lucky Draw" Pattern by Cindy of Homespun from the Heart
Winner is: Courtney of Cajun Hillbilly

"Best Post Winner" Sing Noel
Winner is: Mistea of Misteas Crafts
Winning Post is Here

"Cutest Christmas Annie" Holiday Annies
Winner is: Lisa of Lydias Treasures
Cutest Christmas Annie is Here

Prize: Custom Annie Doll "Follower"
Winner is: Martha of Martha's Favorites

Ok- I will be emailing and leaving comments in your recent posts to let you know that you've won and then I will request your snail addys so I can send you the prizes!

Thanks again for playing along with me! I enjoyed this and will be posting about a Valentine's Raggedy Blog Event soon!


Been so BUSY -

I apologize for neglecting this blog . . . I am drawing names and will announce the winners today: Sunday Jan. 17th! Details coming soon!

Stay Tuned . . .