Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blog Event: Christmas with Annie . . .

'Tis the season to be Jolly -
To include your Raggedy Ann dolly.
There's so much we can do -
fa la la - la la la - la la la
Grab your camera & bring it with you

Greetings Friends . . . the holidays are upon us! Thanksgiving & Christmas!! Yippy!
That means that there will be lots of gatherings with family and friends.
It's also a time when we'll all be busy - "the mad rush": planning, shopping, cooking, baking, sewing, crafting, even cleaning!

I'll be doing it too - Then I had an idea for the next Raggedy Event. *lightbulb moment*
It'll be perfect for reminding us to take a "Time-Out" for ourselves, slow down, enjoy the SIMPLE things and bring our Annies with us! She's a great secret keeper as far as "Secret Santa/Sisters" & gifts go! She can help you tape and hold the bow. And she's a great companion ~ with that smile - she'll keep you in good spirits!

Soooo- here's what I'd like to do - and I hope YOU'LL join me! Everyone is welcome!

~ Things to Do . . . ~

* Making a trip to the Mall, Department Store, or Gift Shop.
* Picking up a Family or Friend at the Airport, Train Depot, or House?
* Shopping for baked goods to make - cookies, pie, candy, fudge Oh My!
* BAKING homemade goodies.
* Shopping for gifts - Secret Santa/Sister, Family & Friends.
* Picking out a Christmas Tree at the lot.
* Hanging the lights outside.
* Decorating the Halls, Office, even your Car.
* Wrapping Gifts.
* Attending a Church/School/City Play and/or Event.
* Stuffing the Stockings.
* Building a Snowman.
* Dashing thru the Snow.
* Donating to a Cause.
* Making Crafts and Gifts.
* Driving around and checking out the neighborhood Lights & Decorations.
* Snapping a Family Photo (pets too) or Sitting on Santas Lap.
* Sipping some Hot Cocoa, Cuppa Joe or Tea?
* Got a Family Tradition ... include Annie :O)

If you're doing any or ALL of these things - bring along your Annie and/or Andy, snap some photos and post it on your blog.

I'd love to see You & Annie wearing aprons in the kitchen, maybe with flour or sugar on your nose. Got a recipe to share - feel free! I love recipes! I'll be wearing mine!
Anything that you normally do for the holiday- I'd love to hear about it! Even if it's a new thing- please share and tell!

I know November and December months are busy. So I would like this event to last up to and through all of November & December. There's no set date for this - as people go on vacation, out of town, or have company, and just plain busy- I want to keep the event flexible.

Just get your Season on and Share it with us!

Here's the code: Remove the **

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Please post on your blogs, side bar, websites, FB, Twitter! Tell your Friends!

Have trouble or need help? - Leave a message or email me - I'll be glad to help!

Please leave a comment with your blog post LINK. I'll have a blog roll of all participants and the direct links to their blog posts and pictures. Maybe they'll have a recipe or traditions to share. Maybe ya'll will start a new tradition. Whatever the post- let's have fun. You CAN have more than one post! The more the merrier - I'll have you linked up!
Bring your Annie or Andy or both along and let the Holiday Merry-Making & Sharing begin!

Last, but not least - I will have Give Aways! Yayyy! Prizes include Christmas/Winter Patterns and a custom dolly! Maybe more?!

Prizes will be given for the following: I will ship international

~ Pattern # 1 : "Blog Button" Winner
Post the graphic/button on your Blogs side bar with a link back to this event so others can join. Please keep the button/graphic up for the duration of this event. I'll be checking & checking it twice :O)

~ Pattern # 2 & 3 : "Random Holiday Hopper Participant."
You must have an active blog post about your "Christmas with Annie" moment. Please have pictures, if available, posted too. We'd love to see. I know I will!
Being on the "Holiday Hoppers" blog-roll alone- doesn't count - you must have some kind of active content and I need to have you linked. Check the list of "Things to Do" (above) for ideas. If something isn't listed- feel free to give me a shout.

~ Pattern # 4 : "Lucky Draw"
Just Because :O) !

~ Custom Doll : "Follower"
You must have an active blog with some content (posts and more than one). It doesn't count if you have a blog with nothing there? Hmmm!

I must have some way of contacting should you be selected as the Winner. Please have an email visible on your blog, or in your comment. If you ARE the winner - I will contact you and request your snail mail addy (which will be kept private). :O)

Remember- this "Christmas with Annie" Blog Event is all thru November and December! So Post & Share when you can!
Just send me the link(s). I'll get you added!

The prizes will be mailed out a the end of December.
Winter lasts until March 21st (Dec. 21st - Mar. 21st).
So the patterns aren't just for Christmas ya know *winks*

Let's Have fun!
Happy Holidays!

Toodles ... ~~A~~

Credits: Thank you shweet Carm for making this custom Annie graphic for me to share! Luv Ya!


  1. okeedokee! I'm in! I may have to include violet and ann estelle along with annie.. but I think we could have some fun with this!

  2. Sounds great Viv! Bring your Season On *winks*

  3. Ohhhhh this is so exciting..... Im in with this...I will put the button on my blog right away!!

  4. This sounds great to me! I love Annie dolls and I'm always posting photos of them! What fun!

  5. Okay....It is on! The next annie that I create I will photograph going somewhere with me and blog about our "day out" LOL! Sounds like a blast! How creative....I must now follow your blog...I honestly don't know how to find people on here unless they find me. But I think you are one to watch!! Thanks for finding me! ♥♥Kat♥♥

  6. Oh my this is going to be fun!! Count me in, I will get the button posted on my blog shortly.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am following your blog too :)

  7. Hi!!!!! I am in too, sounds like lots of fun again!!!!! Button is up on my blog and already posted first round, no pics yet but soon...Thanks for keeping this going!!!!!
    hugs carla

  8. Welcome Carla, Shannon & Kat! WoOhOo!~

  9. Yeah! Thanks AwtemNymf! I'm so ready for Annie fun! I've posted the button on my blog and I'm back up and running!

  10. Hi Sweet Mary-
    Glad to have you join us! Welcome!
    Raggedy Hugs! :O)

  11. If you'd like to join us in our cookie cutter swap, please send me your mailing info to my email today as I'm pairing us up over the weekend. Hope to have you join us. Nice blog too!

  12. I emailed you my info Sue! TYSM! :O)

  13. HI!!!!! I put Annie to work over on my blog!!!
    I recently realized I do not have an Andy or a male rag doll... Whats up with that!!!! Well mostly males around me maybe that is why, already have enough but no I need an Andy!!!! Have to get to work on that!!!! Drop by and see what Annie is up to here!!!!Huggies to All!

  14. Hi ya...I have just posted my two Annies helping my little girl and I ice some gingerbread men!! Come and have a look see if you have a moment. Hugs Lisa

  15. Hi ya...My Good News Annie is sitting in the Christmas tree on my lasted post...My little kids and I iced a christmas cake today!! Getting into the christmas spirit has been alot of fun...Im planning on making two or three Annies this week coming..they are new patterns by Dee from Sew Dee Sew ... hugs Lisa

  16. Hi AN - Annie has come to help me with some gift wrapping and I have posted here - Thanks for the opportunity to play along - Annie is such a fun and helpful companion at this busy time.

  17. The Annies have been having more fun!!!! Check out recent posts if you get a chance!!!! hugs carla

  18. One more pic posted!!!! Seems one of the Annies I had been using in pics got attached to my grandson Jager!!!! Caught a little pic of them together!!!! hee hee to cute!!!! Check
    it out if you get a chance!!!! hugs

  19. Hello!!!! Did I miss something?!!!! hee hee!!!
    I see we did not get a big participation this round!!!!! Maybe we should just continue on until Valentines!!!! My Annies are ready for Amore!!!!! hee hee Hope everything is ok!!!
    Not sure what happened but if you get to know me you will see I am one of those curious people who just has to ask!!!! hugs carla

  20. Yaa!!! Congrats to All!!!!And Valentines sounds so fun!!!! I had missed Martha altogether and had not followed her blog!!!!
    But now I am!!!! This is great cause you get to meet more people who love Annies!!!! hee hee hugs carla