Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bumps in the Night Annie REVEAL . . .

Yayyyy!!! Finally! My Halloween Raggedy Ann reveal post... Just got word from my swap partner that she got hers and I NOW get to reveal my Annie I made for Becky

Remember the "teaser" ...

Here she is - in her full cuteness . . .

A Candy Corn Princess! Her dress was in candy corn fabric colors (orange/yellow/creme/white). She has a sparkly pale yellow and clearish white tu-tu that foofs up pretty good. It was GLITTERED of course! I used vintage tinsel for her collar. RickRack for her sleeves. You can't see- but she had mini pom-pom for "socks". She had orange leggings and black shoes. She has a Candy Corn wand that has clear iridescent glitter (you know me all too well folks). Candy Corn colored hair decked with a cute orange satin ribbon and a sparkly rhinestone in the middle of the bow!

She was a lot of fun to make! I almost had a hard time parting with her.

Ever have that happen to you? I know Viv does- she even suggests making doubles (even triples) sometimes. Hahah! I know how it goes! And sometimes I do make doubles and triples!

I sent some candy corn flavored DOTS candy with the doll and something else (can't rem. now tho)

We all used the same pattern: Provided to us by sweet Brenda of Lillie May's Crafts. We used her Sunny Days pattern and we got to dress her up in any Halloween fashion we wanted! Thank you so much Brenda for giving us permission to use your sweet pattern. I enjoyed working with it!


  1. she is the cutest witch ever Happy Halloween!

  2. Ooooo, soooooo cute! just love her!