Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happenings for this Month: October

The month of October is HUGE for me!
I love everything about it!
Black n Orange, Pumpkins, Haunted Houses, Halloween decorations, Candy, costumes ...
There's Breast Cancer Awareness, my Birthday: October 29th WoOhOo) and then - my favorite!! Plus there's Autumn- which has finally settled in my hometown (remember I live next door to Death Valley, CA.). It's nice to get back into my comfy sweats and jeans and sweaters. This time of year I also get back into another favorite past time of mine- BAKING!

To start off - I will be posting in PINK all month long in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness!

I've been an active participant in the Pink for October event- the last 2 years and love it! I'm doing it again this year! I hope you'll join me. Now I can't won't be doing my usual background in PINK without messing up the cute Blog deco for this month- I have decided I will post in PINK instead! Sometimes you've gotta compromise! So Pink posts it is!

Hear Ye . . . Hear Ye . . . GIVE AWAYS . . .
(you knew that was coming didn't you *snickers*).

I will be having several Give-Aways on this blog - (because I feel like it and it's my Birthday month) See- I told ya October is HUGE for me :O) So you'll have to check in regularly.

If you're not a follower- now is a good time to do so.

I won't tell you exactly when each Give-Away will be posted, but I will make a separate post for each Give-Away. They'll be random!
The Give-Aways will
NOT be on this post!
A link will be provided on the side bar when I make a post about a Give-Away! They won't be all at once either! So you'll have to check in! Makes it funner don'tcha think?! Stay Tuned for the Give-Away posts.

On with the Prizes . . .

In honor Breast Cancer Awareness - I will be giving away your very own Pink Ribbon Raggedies pattern. Created by sweet Cindy M. of Homespun from the Heart. I bought 2 patterns. One for me and I have permission (and purchased) one to GiveAway! This is for a great cause AND Cindy will donate funds from her sales on this pattern! It's a Win/Win! WoOhOo!

Next- I will be giving away a Glinda the Good Witch pattern. Also created by Cindy M. of Homespun from the Heart.
I thought this was perfect! It's PINK, a witchy poo for Halloween and a Raggedy! I was sold! Caute pattern too!
Besides -this is how I came up with this months theme "Raggedy Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun"! Glinda inspired the title!

I will be making a "Pink for October" inspired Raggedy Ann doll.

I will also be having a couple of give aways on my Opal Moon Enchantments blog.

See- October is full of mystery too! Some tricks and some treats - ya just never know! Mwahahaha!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Ohhhh sounds very exciting...Ill be keeping a look out!! Hugs Lisa

  2. What a party month!! I will keep a look out

  3. I would love to enter! I need a witch! lol I mentioned you on my Wednesday wee ones this week! I hope you get a chance to visit! Thanks!

  4. I have been trying to get caught up with life since school started and finally have! I so wanted to participate in your Raggedy Anne Birthday blog~ I know I missed it but really wanted to share my Raggedy Anne pictures with you and the other Raggedy Anne lovers out there! I have loved Raggedy Anne and Andy for years and collected their stuff!!
    Hope you have time to take a look at my blog that I finally updated with my Raggedy Anne photos!
    I love your blog!!!