Monday, December 7, 2009

Decorating the Tree . . .

I was feeling better last night, more so than the night before. So we resumed decorating our tree. Of course Annie helped!
Part Deaux . . .

Sweet Annie loves to help out...

here she is - hanging an ornament. *Cheese*

*lol* Annie wanted to show off the lil' stocking ornament. See it! She thought it was cute!
My M-I-L made those as a namecard for one of her Tea Parties. She had them filled with mini candy canes, chocolates, a tea bag, and our names.

Where'd she go?

Haha- look where I found her...

Hiding in the decorations bin. Whatcha lookin' for Annie?

Some of our favorite ornaments. The names of all the Boxers that we have rescued. 2 have passed on... Baby and Jade. Rest in Peace sweethearts ... we'll see you again someday.
And Jester & Jasmine's ornaments! I made them all! Love them!

Whew- by the time we were all done - we were tuckered out and Annie went Night Night!

Then I realized that we don't have a full shot of our Christmas Tree. Oy - I had thought I took some? Hmmm - that's gonna be our next venture for sure! I'm sure Annie won't mind posing and giving ya'll a small tour of our decorated house!

Oh yeah - She did want me to mention that soon we will be baking sweet bread and cookies. Yummy! We're excited!

What have you been doing lately?



  1. Oh my Annie is a great helper.. the tree looks fantastic all dressed up. I love the fact that you have made ornies for each of your sweet boxers :)

  2. What a cute post! I hope you are having a great start to the new year!

    Sandy xoxo