Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday To Y-O-U . . .

It's your Birthday Annie!!! Happy Birthday!

Thanks for celebrating "America's Sweetheart" Raggedy Annie's Birthday with me folks!

I've got cuppycakes for y'all!

Special Surprise: Shweet Carm who made my graphic for me- is also giving a FREE Raggedy Ann graphic on her blog! Save/Upload to your computer! Thank you so much Carm! A link to her blog is on the Party-Goers list on the right of my blog! :O)

I have loved this red-headed cutie since I laid my eyes on my Gramma L's Raggedy Annie. I don't what kind it was, but I know it was a vintage one. She wouldn't let me play with that one, but she had another one that I was allowed to play with. We had lots of tea parties, pretend school days where I was the teacher and Annie was the student, lots of walks in the park with my Gramma L. Gramma had one of those vintage baby strollers that looked a lot like this one ...
that she let me push around. Annie went on a stroll with us! I have fond memories of Gramma L. I Thank her for introducing me to Raggedy Annie :O)

Here's my collection of Raggedy Annies ... Click on the pic to zoom out

So sorry it's not the best, but it's kinda hard to take a digital photo when you have the light source in front of you and the blinds are horitzontal. It kept making the background look all fuzzy. I kept having to retake pictures, but this was the best out of the bunch!

In the Back Row at the ends- I have the big Raggedy Ann and Andy!
Then from the left-
* Annie in a green Christmas sweater w/ snowman - was gifted to me by my husband. He found it in a gift shop.

* Annie in her classic blue print dress and white apron. Also a gift from my hubby.

* Andy with a stain on his right side of the face- I found that at a yard sale. They were gonna throw it out and I didn't have the heart to pass it up. He was pleading to be rescued so I did! The tag is gone so I can't for sure say what brand he was.

* Annie with the missing hair in the front (kinda a bald spot) is an "Applause" style Annie. I bought her off of eBay when I was first scouting for Raggedy Ann collectibles.

* Annie & Andie set in burgundy outfits - I bought these from a woman who was going to give them away. They're custom made. They have matching burgundy outfits! Low key Prim. Cute!

* Annie in her Christmas outfit and white apron. She came with a small plastic ornament, which I can't for the life of me find. Hmmmm!

* Custom made Andy. I don't remember where I found this one. He has orange hair. A cutie! The girls like him *winks*

* Prim Annie with no shoes or stockings - Folks - don't laugh, but this is the first Annie I made years ago. It was a pattern by Ragg Bagg Babies. I made this one in 2001 Wow!

* Annie in pink. She is wearing pajamas and fluffy slippers. She has a small oatmeal teddy bear attached to her hand. This was a gift from my daughter! I have 2 *lol*

Front Row . . . from left to right

* Tiny Annie came with the Christmas Annie. Now that I am remembering all of these- it also came with an ornament, that I mentioned above - that I can't find, and I think it came with a story book too. Hmmm- I will have to look for this this year!

* My adorable pinkeep that I won at Cyndi's give away!

* My Breanna also made by Cyndi's blog give-away! I just love this to pieces!!

* Annie made by Nadine. We were partners in Aunt Pitty Pats Sugar & Spice Round 1 swap. She has a sweet faerie fabric outfit with matching bag.

* Annie made by Carla. We were partners for APP's Sugar & Spice Round 2 swap.

* Annie made by Tammy. Can't remember or find the blog link :O( Sowwry Tammy!

Well - there's my collection of dolls.
I have made more dolls than I have in my collection. There's something about seeing each dolls personality emerge. No two are alike! No matter what pattern you use or how many of the same doll base you use - they're like snowflakes! Each is one of a kind!
I love collecting Raggedy Annie patterns. I love sewing Raggedy Annies!

Ok- I'm off to visit the party-goers! See their collections and/or stories! Thanks again for celebrating with me.

I will pick winners in each drawing in one week! Good Luck and Have fun!

Also- not to steal the spotlight- but I think this birthday girl also deserves the recognition of celebrating a Birthday today: Bai Yun. Happy Birthday Bai Yun! You're a great Mom!



  1. Happy Birthday Raggerty Anne!! I love your collection and your story of how you were introduced to Annie. I have just discovered the 'collecting Annie patterns' addiction. Im hooked!! Im making a prim raggerty at the moment, ready to post tommorrow. Im in New Ill be asleep through the party time... Take care and thanks for organinsing this Hugs Lisa

  2. Thanks for hosting a great Birthday Party!! I just had a few pieces but was so happy attending..Happy Birthday Raggedy Ann! Off to look at some more parties....Grace

  3. It's so nice that Raggedy Annie brings you such wonderful memories of your Grandma! I lov eyour collection! Come and celebrate at my place!

    Sandy xox

  4. P.S Are you going to provide a list of who is taking part in the party so that we can visit them too???

  5. Awww, I have similar memories of being allowed to play with my Oma's doll collection :) thanks for the yummy cupcakes! Happy birthday Raggedy Ann!
    ♥ Missy

  6. hey doll, is there a list of blog links to follow for annies party??

  7. Are you going to start up a Mister linky to show everyone who is wanting to share their Raggedy Anns?

  8. Happy Birthday Raggedy Ann! I love your collection. You're right, they all have their own personality! :D

    I love your collection! and the story of how your love for her began and has been cultivated over the years! thanks for this rememberance!

  10. Happy Birthday Annie and Andy :)
    Thank you for holding such a fun event! And sharing those wonderful warm memories of how Annie came into your life. What fun times you must have had :)By the way the cupcakes look delicious!!
    I got the biggest chuckle at the Annie with the fluffy house slippers on.
    My memories of Annie are when Grandma Peachy made the small kids Annie and Andy costumes for Halloween. They were so darn cute ;)

  11. Ps this is note if from Nadine.. she could not post for some reason. She loves all of the little dolls lined up in a row.. they are very cute :)

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  13. I back tracked the follower's list and people who left a comment and added the names to the Party Goers list on the right side of this blog! Some may have forgotten or haven't put their dedication up yet - so give it some time. I have purposely allowed this even to run for a week to give everyone time to be able to visit each other's blogs! Happy Partying!

  14. Happy Happy Birthday Raggedy Ann :) I wish I Had a doll, I need to draw some annies today :) Ill have to eat some ice cream for the bday party today hehe, I wish we had cake :)

    WOW!! You have a great collection! Thank you for sharing your story of how your love for Annie began. Just beautiful!

  16. Happy Birthday Raggedy Ann.... Hope you have a lot of cupcakes... we have a bunch from my house coming to your party.

  17. How precious they all are....young and old! Love all your sweet Annies and Andys! I'm happy with my couple...but I may need to add to my collection, too! HAVE FUN! Great party! The cuppycakes were delishy!

  18. This has been a fun party!! I have had fun looking at the blogs of different Raggedy's. Your collection is darling too :) Thanks for all you do!!

  19. I love, love them all. I have always wanted one but have never own one. Yours are so awesome!!..Hugs..m..

  20. Awwww- there's so many talented ladies who create Raggedy Ann's. You can find them in most stores like Target, Toys R us, Etsy, Ebay, even garage sales!
    I think every lady should own a Raggedy Ann! Hope someday you will :O)

  21. Happy Birthday to our very special friend Raggedy Ann who has helped me in so many ways and times in my life. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful party and sharing so much of yourself. Come by both my blogs I just think one is listed here and see why i love Ann so Much. (yes that is a blog).

    Now lets party til Andy comes home!

  22. Hahah! I got you added for both sites! Thanks for reminding me :O)

  23. Sorry for being sooo late. Please add me to the Party Blog Roll. Had computer problems, but now my Birthday Party Post is up.
    Love all of your Raggedy's. I hope to add more to my collection. Thanks for hosting such a lovely party.

    Irma :)

    Irma's Rose Cottage

  24. I've got you added Irma. That's why I wanted this Blog Party event to run for a week to honor different schedules and time zones! Thanks for celebrating with us!

  25. Love all of your Annie's!! I wish I had the picture of the headboard my parents made for one of my sisters when she was little. Daddy cut the shape of Annie's head out of plywood and they painted it and added hair and then her dress was the bedspread. I'll have to see if Mom has a picture of it somewhere.

    Anyway, your Annie's are great!

    An unexpected guest,

  26. Aunt Pitty Pat sent me! What a delightful party! Thanks for hostessing!

    I love Raggedy Annie too.

  27. OHHHH Sandy I was working on 14 mini raggedy anns tonight and they were telling me something that i don't think they have told YOU yet. They want you to leave up the birthday blog year round so they can show off their Fall and Holiday looks. You know they must get all spiffed up for the holidays and what Raggedy Ann doesn't like a good Halloween party. How much fun would that be??? Raggedy Ann Hostess with the Mostest and Have a Halloween Party with what else bobbin for apples and pin the leggs on the spiders. Shush Ann I am trying to talk here I know all 14 of ya'll are butt nekkkkked but I just had to get my bon bon and booze post up cause I need these Ann Momma's help in picking on on my Sassy Soaps n Such blog. Well ya'll close those bright white eyes that need some pupils while your momma heads to bed. More Raggedy Ann pictures from me tomorrow. til then shweet Raggedy dreams

  28. hmmmmmm - you're onto something here my dear! That DOES sound like a lot of fun! I had planned on keep this blog up year round. And hosting an annual party as long as time and interest permits! :O)
    A Halloween party .... now you know I"m a sucker for Halloween!
    Hugs! Thanks for a great idea! I'll see what I can do!

  29. Well Raggedy Ann Mommas you all need to remember this party is going on all week long so let hear more about your life with Raggdy Ann. I know I updated my blog Sassysoapsnsuch last night with some Wicked Raggedies.
    Today I think she is morphing into critters and bugs...... what about YOUR ANNIES???

  30. Well Raggedy was at the Dallas Cowboy game today and YES THEY WON! She just headed out the shweet potato dolls door to go the Texas Rangers game. Who knew Raggedy Loved sports so much... Must be because she loves a guy in a uniform...look at ANDY!