Monday, August 3, 2009

Ya'll are Invited...

Welcome to my first event ... Birthday Blog Party. !

A Raggedy Ann Birthday Blog Party!

Who: You're Invited!
What: Raggedy Ann's Birthday Blog Party
When: Monday September 7th, 2009

Since I love this red-headed cutie pie and she's America's Sweetheart- I thought it'd be nice to honor her Birthday on Sept. 7th.

I'd love for all collectors, makers and lovers of Raggedy Ann from all over the world to come and celebrate with me! Yep ... including Y-O-U!

If you're a collector, maker and/or lover - please snap some pics and share your collection on your blog (if you have one) with me and the world. On September 7th - I will blog hop and see everyone's collections, dolls, and stories! So be sure to make a special post on September 7th for this event!

I'll be show-and-telling my collection of dolls too. Some that I've made, bought and some that were given to me as gifts. It can be one, two, or a whole bunch. It can be post cards, fabric, dolls, figurines, any kind of memorabilia.
I'd love to see! If you have a story to tell... I'd love to hear about it!
Let's share the Raggedy love *lol*

I also have some Birthday FUN planned! I will be having Raggedy Ann Prizes for 7 lucky winners! Yep - SEVEN! Prizes include Raggedy Annie patterns from great artists, a custom doll made by me and 1 yard of Raggedy Annie fabric. WooHoo! To be entered in the drawing you'll need to come by on September 7th and leave a comment in that post (on Sept. 7th). So reserve the date! :O) I will ship internationally as well!
The drawing will take place on Monday September 14th, one week from the party. So that everyone has a chance to party, blop (blog hop) and play along. More details about this when the date draws near ... so stay tuned for that!

Please grab this button and spread the word! The more the merrier!

Be sure to link back to the: Blog Party so folks can come and celebrate!

Edit: Here's the code to put on your blog- be sure to remove the "**" and there should be no spaces in the brackets. Please contact me if you have any trouble or leave a comment and I'll run to the rescue :O) ! Copy & Paste and then remove the "**". It should work!

<**a href="" target="_blank"**><**img src=""/**>

A huge Thank You to Carm of Shweet Potato Designs for making this custom button for me. I love it!

Also- be sure to Follow this blog so you can be informed of any updates!

C-ya !


  1. I'll play! I have quite a few raggedys! lots of them in my office at work!

  2. Count me in too please Sandy...sounds like fun...have a colletion also, some mine..some not...would love to share pics....thanks for hosting this....hugs Cyndi

  3. Would love to participate in the R.A. party. Would you care to share you code for the party button, Sandy? I'm no good at writing code.
    --Susan C.

  4. I will do this too, Sandy...I will send a few pics later today for sure :) How fun!! Blessings, Diana

  5. Yayyyy! I'm glad you could join me!
    Sue- I'll write up the code now and email it to you. I forget that not everyone can write codes *winks*

    Remember to post on your blog your collections and stories so that we can all blog hop and see each other's blogs and stories on Sept. 7th!

    I can't wait!

  6. I want to play too! I'll certainly have lots of Raggedy Anns to show on my blog:

  7. Woo Hoo I love a party! I am there sounds like fun! Most of mine are at other homes, but I can share a couple and maybe make one special for the b-day party!


  8. Oh, fun! I want to play, too! :)
    I've added your button on my side bar.

  9. Yay!! I added the button to my blog :)

  10. Thanks Ya'll *hugs*

    I'm really excited about this! Woohoo!

  11. Count me in! I love Annies! I only own one bought I bought many for friends and I took pictures of all of them! I'll post the party on my side bar and I'll be back here Sept 7th!

    Sandy xox

  12. Whoot Whoot.. fun times to be had :)
    Wow a huge thank you.... to all the sponsors for the wonderful gifts that are being given away in the drawings :)

  13. Count me in, just having some trouble getting your button on my blog, don`t know what i`m doin wrong? please give me e back and maybe i`ll get it right, and thanks so much for celebrating annie, we all love them, NANCY

  14. Just checked Nancy! You got it! yayy! Thanks!

  15. Sounds like fun. Just added your info to my blog about it.


  16. Love this idea...sorry to be so late joining in...but Thanks for having the party.

  17. what a fun idea...I will post my collection on that day:)

  18. Thanks Ya'll! *Hugs this wonderful group*


  19. hey sweetie, I didn't realize you were the one hosting until now. hehe! I found the box with my doll in it so now I can join the party!
    Hugs, Missy

  20. Welcome Missy! Yep- it's lil' ol me hosting :)
    Welcome y'all!!


  21. I am in! Can't wait to have a party for Annie! Looking forward to seeing the different blogs. Grace

  22. I will be at the B-day Bash.....I have some cute Raggedy Ann items :)


  24. I have y'all added that has a blog! :O)